Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tour of Dreamwork's Animation Studio!

I was lucky enough to win a raffle at AnimationMentor and was one of the five chosen to get a tour of Dreamwork's Animation Studio!  I left around 6 in the morning to get to downtown. I had to go to the Los Angeles Convention Center to catch the bus to the studio.  I met my fellow AM classmates (one from Germany, two from England, and one from Philadelphia). They were all alumni except for me.  I couldn't take pictures inside because they have four movies in the works that haven't been announced.  The highlight of the tour was seeing a secret room in the effects department.  There is a bookcase and you pull a lever in a book to unlock the secret entrance. There is a bar with beer taps, wine, two fireplaces (fake) and it was filled with antique furniture and nick knacks.
Los Angeles Convention Center

Had to take a bus from L.A Convention Center to Dreamwork's in Glendale.

This was our tour guide Tim.  Amazing and very knowledgable guy.

My AnimationMentor classmates Lu, Rich, Duncan and Martin.

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