Thursday, December 6, 2012

AM Class 2- Week 10 Assignment

Ah now into Spline. Such a painful part of the process. Everthing is looking good and then you put it in spline and you have to redo a lot of parts. I ran into a ton of gimbal lock and I'm going to be more careful next time so I don't run into that.

AM Class 2- Week 9 Assignment

This week I put my animation on 2's just to lock down the movements.  My mentor sugguested to put it to the music to make sure it follows it.

AM Class 2- Week 8 Assignment

I have been sick as can be. I had the same mouth virus that my daughter had and put me in bed for four days and I've lost about fifteen pounds! So I'm playing catch up with posting my assignments. This week we put our shot into blocking. My mentor suggested putting it on 4's because of the complicated movements.