Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Notes on Character Acting

I took these notes while watching a tutorial  from Animschool.  He gives basic outline of acting.

Acting Essential
  1. Acting is reacting.
  2. Objective (Every character has wants and desires.) You need to figure that out. What is theirGoal?
  3. Character will play an action until an event makes them play a different one. Ex: Going to the bar, first you dress up, then you go up to the girl...another guy comes up...character changes mode.
  4. Empathy not sympathy. Making the audience relate to the character. (Glue)
  5. Scene is a negotiation. Person vs. Person, Person vs. environment/Situation, Person vs. Self.
  6. Acting is real-life...you want to heighten reality. (Enhance)
  7. Scene starts in the middle (more exciting).  Character has a history. You need to figure back history out.
  8. Adrenaline (Memorial) Moment= A moment you will look back on and remember when you are 90 years old. A pivotal moment in their life.
  9. Power Center. High center...confident character. Low center...depressed.
Comedy= Drama heightened.
Two different types.
1. Wile E. Coyote (normal) Comedy all the things that happen to him.

2. Jim Carrey (eccentric). He is in a regular situation and he causes the comedy.
Normal to extreme.
Simplicity. Clear and easily visible.

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