Sunday, October 17, 2010

Boarded up windows

Here are some pics of my boarded up windows. I covered all the windows in the front and sides except for one window in the back right and the  entire back of the house. It was a pain in the butt to cover the top floor, so I had to borrow my neighbor's extension ladder. I made the window covers using advice from HauntForum and HalloweenForum  I had a friend who's old shed was falling down and I prided off some old wood siding and cut them to size. I nailed them to pieces of wood I cut in half and it really worked out because the wood siding was really light. Each window covering are like picture frames hung with wire. I screwed wire to the frames then wrapped the wire around screws I screwed in-between the siding in the corners of the windows.  I put screws at the top left and right of the window. I should have put some at the bottom because we had 55 mile an hour winds right before Halloween and two of the frames fell down and one completely flipped around!  I had to re-attack them (ahhhggghh!!!)  I'm thinking if I put some screws at the bottom of the window the wind wouldn't have picked them up in the air and they would have stayed in place.

I had the windows boarded up before I started any other decorations and people were asking if the house had been in a fire or it was a meth house that blew up. It was the talk of the town! I put red lights in the top windows. Looked very creepy.
I painted the frame wood white to match the house

You can see the wood is painted white in this shot

Halloween night when lightning is flashing
View of the windows with red flood lamps

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